Chicken Tikka Masala

 I should have been born in India or England because I make a mean Tikka Masala. Chris introduced me to the wonder that is Indian food for our first date and I’ve never been the same. Curry, raita, Curry Vindaloo, Daal, the list goes on and on and I salivate just thinking about it. Tonight’s dinner was no exception..except I ground up carrots and spinach to ensure our vegetable intake wasn’t at 0 for the day.

 The dish itself was pretty spicy this time around as I ground up two seeded jalapenos in with my veggies. My chicken was exceptionally tender from having it marinate in a spiced yogurt mixture for about an hour. Ideally I’d have let it soak in the goodness for several hours but I worked all morning and my time was limited.

My naan recipe is from and it’s always a winner. Usually I use whole milk plain Greek yogurt but instead I had to sub Chris’ Bulgarian yogurt. I think the flavor was a bit off but after brushing the naan with a butter, garlic, salt, paprika mixture the difference was minimal.

Since I have no individual images of the rice I’ll refer you to the top picture. I simply cooked a cup of rice in two cups of water and once done dumped the rest of my butter mixture for the naan in it to give it some flavor.

The Tikka recipe I use is out of a great cookbook Chris’ grandmother gave us a few Christmases ago. I’ve altered it somewhat to our taste, opting for half and half instead of cream and adding significantly more spice. Also, traditional Tikka Masala is made with Tandoori chicken and since I live in suburban America I don’t have a tandoor oven Maytag stove is a pretty decent replacement, though.


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