Weekend Update

The weekend around here started on Thursday when we had a never-ceases-to-disappoint meal at Babe’s. K got down on some chicken and informed us en route that she “doesn’t like those beanies” (green beans.) We didn’t force the green strands of gross-ness on her but she sure can hold her own in the poultry department. Her runny nose has decreased her appetite somewhat so we were thankful she got some nutrition ¬†calories from dinner.

I seriously love running errands. Our morning was spent out and about at Target, the grocery store, Whole Foods, and various other stores and I’m the now proud owner of Starbucks Toffee Nut syrup. Maybe paying $10/liter wasn’t as smart as making it myself but it sure was convenient. Bedtime continues to be easier and she’s falling asleep in her bed well and only waking once during the night. She made a 9-5 stretch of uninterrupted sleep on Saturday which was wickedly refreshing. She spent most of Saturday evening with some pre-potty training. She had two accidents but informed us twice she needed to go. I’ll take our 50% success rate for now. As always we made a big deal out of what to make Saturday for dinner and took the opportunity to indulge in a steak and loaded baked potatoes. We always encourage K to eat her veggies but not even I can really get on board with yellow or green squash. I politely took mine off the plate where she followed suit informing us “no like that squash.” Can’t argue with that. At least she’ll eat broccoli.

The horror of green snot reared its ugly head on the way to church so what do we do as good parents? Take her to Whataburger for breakfast, stay home, and give her a dose of Benadryl. She has become immune to it I’m sure because after two doses through the day she still didn’t nap. Thankfully she fell asleep before 7 but woke up at 10 by kicking me out of our room and demanding I turn off the light. You’d think she’s the parent. I promise you’re wrong. After an hour of coughing and crying she passed out on 2/3 of our bed with no room at the bottom for little ‘ol me.

I’m putting off taking K to the doctor even though the snot monster continues to rear its ugly head. Her energy level hasn’t diminished and she’s been fever-free. Keeping constant prayer over her that this will quickly run it’s course and I’ll have my bed back.


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