I’m a food snob.

I’ll admit it, I like the cooking of very few people and as such, I’ll openly confess my food snob-ery. I try really hard to have an accommodating palate but sometimes it just doesn’t cooperate. I was asked by a great friend today what our monthly grocery budget is and after telling her she wasn’t at all phased. I’m glad we operate within normal means with our abnormal cooking obsession. I had to follow up my response by telling her we typically go over that by some, or many, dollars, though. I intended this whole “Culbreth Family Recipes” blog to be simply that but as you can tell I’ve slacked off the “Lemon Sugar Cookies” side of it and have focused more on why my kid hates me and wants to stay awake all day. I apologize for my mommy rambles. Not really, though.

I don’t know how to take my love for cooking and fine cuisine to the next level, though. Starting a restaurant (especially in the Dallas area) is risky business. Risky and expensive business. Risky, expensive, and time consuming business. I’m pretty fearless but when it comes to financial risks I’m fairly tame. Heck, I take back clothes to Gymboree because I’m so darn mad at how overpriced they are. At any rate I know I have a servant’s heart, I love others well, and have a knack for throwing random things together into a masterpiece and that’s a great combination of a person if I do say so myself. *Disclaimer: I have failed miserably in the kitchen on three occasions. 1. My baked fish turned into fish soup four years ago. Chris has yet to let me live that one down. 2. The first attempt at chicken piccata ended in a vinegar sour mess. I’m not allowed to make it anymore. I recommend The Cheesecake Factory’s if you’re into capers, calories, and a mouth celebration. 3. My pre-birthday cake cake for K this year was a sad, sad day, friends. I took a picture, showed two people, and nearly cried. Caramel butter cake was not served and I’m embarrassed at how terribly it turned out.*

I’d like my Christ-given gifts to be used for more than Saturday night dinners and care calendars. I’m on a prayerful quest to learn how to better use my time and talents as opposed to selfishly saving them for my closest homies. Perhaps a cooking class with my girlfriends? Making “just because” meals for neighbors? Working with teens headed off to college who should know more than how to microwave some ramen and open a bottle of beer? Surely I’m not the only one who thinks life is better with delicious food. I’d love suggestions, advice, and general ideas on a creative way to use my cooking skills for more than packing on the pounds. I’ll just likely get a job at Whole Foods in the cheese department, sample all the cheeses weekly, and use my employee discount to make some legit chicken parmigiana, post a picture to Facebook, call it good and expect a thank you. You’re welcome in advance.


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