Gymbucks gym-suck.

I’d be lying if I said I thought K would sleep on her own for nap time and bed time within a week or two. Wouldn’t ya know that the wee one is asleep per her kicking me out of her room and falling asleep on her own for the first time in, oh, ever? That’s a smidge dramatic but this whole concept of not having to sneak out of my toddler’s room is relatively new to me. Last night was one of the easiest we’ve had, too. Chris put her down while I was at work and she woke up around 1:45 only to be put back to bed a dozen or so times without more than a few minutes of mama cuddles and was out until 6:30 this morning. Praise the Lord. Seriously.

She woke up with a runny nose that’s going to prevent us from going to Bible Study tomorrow, sadly, but I’d rather not be a hypocrite and send my kind to childcare just to complain about the other parents who send their snot nosed kids as well. Sometimes you just have to take some quiet time with Jesus without the encouragement of other women or the convenience of free babysitting.

Anywho, if my mildly offensive title didn’t shoo you away then fantastic. I’m on a bit of a rant against Gymboree and as such will be taking all of my sweetheart’s clothes back tomorrow because Gymbucks are craptastic. The concept (so I thought) was to get $25 off each $50 you spend. Now I’m no math genius but that would say to me “Hey! Spend $100 and get $200 worth of clothes.” Am I right? It’s my blog, of course I am. Well after spending significantly more than that just to realize all the sizes were off and the romper made my kid look like she belonged on the beach with implants in 20 years I returned several items and kept the cutest of the bunch that fit like a child’s clothes should (not like a sorority girl trying to fit into K’s clothes.)  Somehow a dress, two shirts, and a pair of shorts cost me $78 post Gymbucks and I’m not really loving that idea. I raided the Target clearance rack this morning and got five times as much for a third of the cost. I’m such an efficient shopper. Chris hates all my returns that he has to plug into our Excel budget but if I’m going to be a good steward of my money I hardly think paying $32 for a dress that’s going to go on sale in a month is God’s plan for my income. The Gymbucks system is not nearly as clear cut as I had hoped and though I’m all about their coral and nautical theme for Spring I’m going to let K be a season or three behind all the other kids and pay less later. Such is the life of living within my means.

In an effort to make K’s ever running nose better I’ve been cramming Cuties down her throat and as such all over her clothes. I’m convinced to start making my own laundry detergent. After I use the liquid stuff I overpaid for at Target a few weeks ago. Target is crack. It’s basically heroin. I think I’m going to need to set up a Target intervention because I could get lost in that stupid store. And their prices are more modest for the things that my hyperactive toddler plots to destroy within minutes. I also find ways to destroy my own clothes which I why I’ve somehow managed to go from two white shirts to none within the span of days. I am a messy eater and a generally clumsy person. If bib necklaces covered more tops I’d take up stock in them as they’re significantly more fashionable than the cotton “My mom’s cooler than your mom” bibs I have packed away in our attic.

The silence in my house is not to be taken for granted so an afternoon of Romans, English Breakfast tea, and a white chocolate amaretto cookie are in my very near future. I’ll lay off the desserts tomorrow.


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