Weekend update

What a weekend we had. For the past several months I volunteered on Friday nights with a fantastic group called The Landing which is a 12 step program for youth from 6-12 grade. The curriculum is geared for all sorts of life struggles such as abuse, sexual abuse, anger, cutting, depression, anxiety, etc. It’s a Christ centered environment similar to Celebrate Recovery and I’m sad to no longer be a part of it. My own life crazy was getting in the way of my being able to fully commit to the program as a leader and as such decided that I’m not in a season of my life where I can fully give myself in the capacity that I’d like to. The decision to ask to be able to leave was difficult but my stress level and ablity to be fully present with my family has been helpful. I can barely remember a Friday night of doing a whole lot of nothing or a whole lot of something with just Chris and I so I really soaked in all the awesome of family time. My super awesome husband brought home baklava from a lunch at work which threw off our plan of having family s’more night but since baklava is so stinkin’ awesome I forgave him.

Since we’ve been working on getting K to sleep all night in her bed we’ve been somewhat sleep deprived around here. I made the decision around 3AM on Saturdy that I was going to be the best wife ever and create “Serve Your Man Saturday.” Obviously when I make plans I should just expect them not to happen but my intenions were good though I failed miserably. Chris and I have a system where I get to sleep in on Saturdays and he gets Sundays. In reality it’s a pretty crummy deal for him since we’re on the road to chruch at 8:15 but it’s better than his normal 6:40 so I’ll cut myself a break. At any rate Chris was able to sleep in and we spent the morning running errands to make our typical Saturday culinary creation. We settled on mac and cheese with chicken, bacon, leeks, carrots, and spinach for lunch and kabobs with cauliflower rice for dinner. Such healthy people we are. Through a series of miscommunications we hit a small bump in the road mid afternoon which somewhat ruined “Serve Your Man Saturday” so I’ll be redeeming myself this coming weekend. Sometimes you have to be intentional with your man and do nice things for him just because he’s that awesome. I’m calling it now: next Saturday will not be a bust. 

To get out of the kitchen for a bit (really, to get some exercise and burn some calories from the mac and cheese) we went on a two mile walk to feed the ducks. K at some point in our excursion decided to start running and like Forrest Gump didn’t stop. We had to force her to drink water and to let us carry her for awhile because she was running like such a champ. The little sweetie had to have run for over half a mile. It seems I have a new running buddy. I’m not a runner but I can keep up a pace with her so we’ll consider this her athletic training for three year old soccer teams. Chris filmed some of her endeavor so, family, we’ll be emailing you soon with a link for you to view it.

It’s worth mentioning that my beloved Jayhawks pulled out the big W over Texas. I always like to make a big deal about their wins. It’s probably pretty obnoxious and you’d think they don’t win very often so I should probably slow my roll and quietly say “rock chalk” instead of bombarding my family with a “ROCK CHALK.” I’ll be taking K to Allen Fieldhouse and the main campus on our next visit to Kansas and fully intend to brainwash her early.

K did such an awesome job making s’mores from the dwindling fire in our grill. She mostly ate un toasted marshmallows but reminded us frequently that the grill was hot and not to touch it. Good thing for the reminders; as accident prone as I am I probably needed them.

Sunday was just as busy. After church we came home and ate and returned back so I could work and Chris could get more info on the church membership process. Being gone all day must have helped K out because she didn’t wake up once through the night. Singing so much praise to God for that this morning. Before dinner I asked her to go wash her hands and in the process she slipped off her chair and bonked her noggin on the sink. She showed us several times through the evening where she hurt herself and became emotional each time. Obviously in some pain I decided to give her meds, something I very rarely do. The goose egg swelling minimized and she calmed down after some ibuprofen…or benadryl…I realized what I gave her was ibuprofen and was assured that I hadn’t royally failed Parenting 101: Make Absolutely Certain the Medicine You Give Your Child Is Correct. I think I was just second guessing myself and was beyond grateful to know I hadn’t made a rookie mistake in need of a call to poison control. Either way K slept well and for the first time in a week and, thankfully, so did I.

This week is already crazy packed with playgroup, work, errands, and cooking a meal for some fabulous friends. I’ll likely see it as an excuse to bake something for my house and then complain about eating so much dessert. Look for a post later in the week about my gluttony guilt 🙂


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