K updates

I’m still not sure why I’ve been up for an hour but when K thinks it’s time to be awake, by golly, it’s time to be awake. We’ve been working on getting her in her big girl bed all week and I can proudly say she hasn’t had a night in our bed at all. She took her first, and only, nap of the week in her bed. She’s always asking Chris and I to “stay a minute” when she goes down so we oblige and quitely sneak out when she’s out. Perhaps this is counter productive to getting her to self soothe but I enjoy the quiet time with her and have no intentions of sending her off to the scariness of her dark room alone for awhile. She’s still waking two or three times a night and coming to our room but one of us promptly walks her little booty back to her room and usually falls asleep for awhile until we groggily return to our own bed.

I’ve begun feeling out her readiness for potty training by keeping her out of diapers or in panties during down time and in the evenings. Huge praise- she informed me she needed to go, went, washed her hands and went back to playing once and then had a mild accident awhile later but hurried to the potty and finished there. I think I’ll keep this system going and continue to see how she acknowledges her body’s signals and hopefully we’ll get to an intense training schedule at the end of next week. We’re due for another box of diapers and if I can save $40 I’ll be stoked. I may be taking up stock in Dora panties, though.

Random mom tip (as if today’s post wasn’t random enough)- K loves getting hot chocolate when I go to Starbucks and I normally oblige as it’s only $1.25 for a kid’s size. I’ve stained many a shirt in my parenting blunder of letting her drink it in her carseat or without a napkin bib but wouldn’t ya know the lady handing us our drinks yesterday informed me they have vanilla and caramel steamers for kids that are simply warmed flavored milk without the staining power of chocolate or the caffeine punch. I was mildly miffed that she shared this nugget of goodness with me after giving me her chocolate, essentially setting me up for an afternoon of laundry and stain removal.

K woke up with a stuffy nose so we’ll be low- keying it this weekend. Looking forward to more nights in my bed and hopefully some longer stretches of not walking the wee one back to her own.


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