“It’s Jesus!”

Today’s two year well check could not have gone better. After nearly a week of playing doctor and giving Mama and Daddy shots I think K has finally gotten some of her anxiety out. We’ve seen a different pediatrician the past few times than our usual doctor and I’m extremely impressed with him. In an effort to comfort K during the appointment I brought our doctor kit and let her play with it after the nurse weighed, measured, and examined her. She’s in the 95% for height and 50% for weight. After answering some developmental questions, one of which was to identify a picture of  a man K informed me he was Jesus. I counted that as an appropriate answer, even though I’m fairly sure it wasn’t what they were looking for. Silly girl. I feel so reassured that I’m doing a good job even if she has only gained a pound in the past few months. This child of mine has a more eclectic palate than most adults I know and will get down on some Tikka Masala and salsa without a problem. I proudly informed Dr. Awesome(not his real name) that K had beans, ham, and swiss chard for dinner last night, though I omitted the fact that she had some ice cream as well. Everything in moderation, right?

Last night’s plan to keep K in her room lasted until 10:30 when Chris and I realized we had vastly differing ideas on how to be consistent in keeping her in her bed so we’ll be discussing that and making a plan to be a team on this.  I’ve been encouraged by the doctor to walk her back to her room with minimal interaction each time she gets out and to expect to have several sleepless nights until she learns to self soothe. Since K has always been a great sleeper until November he reiterated to me that K is capable of sleeping by herself so we’ll have to instill some tough love and remind her that she’s safe, we’re just on the other side of the living room, and that she’s big enough to fall asleep without our help.

I’m excited to watch her transition into a little lady but very much want to continue to lay down with her, sing, read stories, and end the day as a family. I’ve moved our spare bedroom bed into her room until we pick out one for her and she seems to love it. Per her reaction she feels all grown up and is very proud of her new bed and bedding. It’s hard to believe that she has gone from a little immobile sweetheart into a fiercely bright and independent toddler who is appreciative of everything. Such a tenderhearted girl she is. I’m so looking forward to encouraging this little sweetheart..and reminding her that not all men are Jesus.


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