I type this between watching The Bachelor unapologetically and drinking Earl Grey and noshing on a Stroopwafel equally as unapologetically. This should be a good post. Lots going on in the Land of Culbreth but I don’t have the time or frankly, desire, to elaborate on it all so we’ll just hilight all the good stuff.

1. Tonight marks day 1 of getting K to sleep in her own bed. Her normal 8PM bedtime has slowly creeped its way to 9-10PM over the past several weeks and after being squished at the foot of my bed for a month now I’ve had enough. It’s 7:39. She’s asleep. In her bed. I.am.the.best.mother.ever.
I have no idea why the transition back to her bed was so easy but I presume she’ll wake in a few hours and demand to cuddle with her dad. Chris and I have talked and I’ll be covering tonight’s “Mama’s bed is not your bed” shift. Sometimes you just need to sleep next to your man and I fully intend to steal my bed back.
2. My girlfriend’s rock. After a rather encouraging playgroup today I have to say my friends are pretty wonderful women.  I’m unsure how our conversations go from mom boobs to the great circumcision debate to how to get your kid to sleep in their own bed (no telling who started that one) but I’m rather thankful that God has blessed my life with such honest, open, and darn right funny ladies. I can’t express how much I enjoy having so many people I can rely on, who build me up, and who speak the truth in love to me. Looking back on all the “friends” I once called friends I think it’s important to say that one of the best parts of growing up is being able to look back on all the situations God has pulled me out of and fully giving the glory to Him for truly protecting me from what could have been chaos.
3. Huge praise- K only has to get one shot tomorrow. I’m hopeful that her doctor kit, complete with “syringe” will help ease the anxiety. I have a full morning of things planned to keep her mind off the pain but am fully convinced that I’m doing the right thing by not altering the vaccination schedule and for that I am thankful.
4. My husband is pretty awesome. If you can’t tell by my posts we have a pretty fantastic marriage. We have seasons of not so fantastic-ness but my theory is when you make a covenant with the Lord above it’s probably in your best interest to keep it. I’m reminded more and more lately of what it takes to be a good wife. I don’t do such a great job of dying to self or intentionally serving him sometimes. (Side note- the previous statement wasn’t a dig at myself so no need to remind me that a week ago I was going to make it a point to start focusing on all my awesome positive attributes. Side, side note- the term “serving him” is taken from a Biblical perspective where in one puts the needs and desires of others before oneself. You should never for a moment think that my desire to serve and love my man well is a sign of an unequally yoked marriage or one built on my taking an inferior role.) I’d like to say that given all the struggles of the past few months and stress of having so many health issues as of late I’m encouraged by a man who desires for me to never go without, to have everything I could ever dream of, and not to be anything less than what God has created me to be. His encouragement is often insecurely precieved by me as my being “less than” but I am so thankful to be able in this moment to see the best in him and his intentions. Such a swell guy, that Chris fella.

Anywho, stroopwafel is now cold, the Bachelor is paused on some random blonde chick who is probably in love with Sean after  a minute and a half and I’m no better emotionally or physically having indulged myself with such trash. Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow 🙂


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