Bargain shopping and a very (un)happy birthday

Target is pure win. Target is even more win when shoes are 50-70% off. Since I pretty much equally love shoes and saving money today will go down in history as one of the most productive shopping days of my life. I have a happier closet as a result. (Please don’t think I’ve fallen off the contentment bandwagon. I was merely making financially responsible purchases.) I’d post pictures of the flats, loafers, and spiked grey low tops I snagged but I’m lazy and it’s late. For some reason Target has decided to up the ante and have wicked awesomeness for a reasonable price lately and I’ve been more than happy to do my part to boost the economy.

My Target extravaganza was break from the chaos of my house trying to prep for K’s family party today.  In an effort to set the party mood I let K have a candle in her pancake this morning but when the singing from five adults ensued she lost it and ran to the spare bedroom in a fit of tears. This is not unlike her mother who for many, many years was filled with embarassment at the singing of the “Happy Birthday” song. I’m all about the singing now, though. Next year, sing your pretty little hearts out. She was unable to make it through the singing at cake time, too, but I was rather excited to have her want something to do with me and give me a hug to save her from the madness.

The party was low key, small, and kicked off with KU beating Texas Tech so on all accounts it was sure to be a crowd pleaser. We’re extremely blessed to have such fantastic friends and family willing to travel, sleep on air mattresses, and generally put up with the confines of our 2100 sq. ft. home just to watch K run around all day while I do equal amounts of running, though significanly more stressed out.

Few words can express my sheer joy that I have about having the previous two months done and over with. I genuinely enjoy the holidays and my family but living midway between both sets of parents and having my and K’s birthday’s within three weeks of Christmas are not a good addition to the Christmas season recipe.  My inability to do it all has been made abundantly clear in the last few weeks and my willingness to ask for help has increased exponentially. The crazy thoughts I once had about asking for help as a sign of weakness is null and void a this point. You want to watch my kid for free? Awesome. Care to wash my dishes after dinner? Knock yourself out. Heck, want to rub my shoulders AND tell me it looks like I’ve lost weight? Even better. The desire I once had to be Superwoman/Supermom/Superspouse has now been replaced with a much more realistic idea that I’ll just do my best and know God’s got the rest. That sounds cheesy. A sneakily placed mid-sentence rhyme is pretty chessy, though catchy.

There is a small possibility that I may even get my house clean and in order this week. With all the time I plan to spend at home aside from Bible Study, Playgroup, doctor appointments, and work, I believe my husband will be a happy camper once again coming home to a house that isn’t filled with random party decor and Christmas decorations that really need to just be put in the attic already.

Anywho, I have full intentions of spending my Sunday with the Lord, mi familia, some Minuti from the best mother in law in the world, and a couch date night with my very handsome husband. I’m definitely taking in all the blessings God has given us as of late and being encouraged by the community around me. What an awesome life I live…


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