Rewards-of the Starbucks and Parenting kind.

Update: My WBC count was not an issue to my doctor making me clear of all infection and since the cyst is less than 2cm I have no need to plan a follow up ultrasound. Pretty stoked about all of this, though there’s some lingering pain on the right side.

K had a pretty fabulous birthday. She HATED the balloons in the bathtub and ran out screaming. She came to her senses a short while later but then once she realized that her surprise was only the balloons she was mad at me again and wanted another surprise. My kid cracks me up. After a day of running errands, getting Starbucks hot chocolate, picking out Backyardigans bubbles and a doctor set, getting new big girl bedding from Nonna, and annihilating a chocolate cake she finally crashed in our bed sometime around 10. We failed to consider the caffeine in the chocolate and ended up with a significant tickle game and lot’s of  cuddles.

Moving on to my Starbucks rewards. I tend to hold people to their word. If Starbucks tells me they’re going to load a free drink to my card for my birthday and they fail to do so I’m likely to send an email inquiring. Days later I got a free drink loaded to my card and lo and behold wouldn’t ya know that yesterday they put a free birthday drink on there a week late. I intend to call them today about the mishap because I don’t want to be a free drink stealer, but I’m pretty darn stoked at the prospect of being able to spend $7 on a four shot espresso drink and not have to see the money exit my bank account or gift card. Heck, for $7 I could get a pretty awesome margarita or sangria. The fact that I allow myself to pay such an astronomical amount for (some days) life giving liquid is pretty whack. It’s one of my vices. I’ll address it when I’m out of denial that I have a caffeine addiction.

Finally, my parenting rewards. K loves me. I’m starting to enjoy the fact that her love isn’t conditional. I know she likes me more when I give her milk, let her play outside alone, or don’t insist she take a nap (something she never does.) She’s a pretty awesome kiddo who has some pretty awesome friends and I’m encouraged by that.

 I’m concerned that she yells “hi” to everyone we pass as I don’t want her to trust everyone. I suppose post-potty training we’ll work on identifying “friends” and “strangers.” Chris will be thrilled to know that I’m concerned about her friendliness. I think I lack a distrust gene. My dear husband always has to remind me that there’s evil in this world which I like to forget. In my world there’s rainbows, sunshine, and free food. No one has ulterior motives and no one would take advantage of a blonde 26 year old woman just trying to lend a hand.

Yesterday there was a stalled car in front of us in the HOV lane. Everyone was getting out of their car to help and of course my first instinct was to do the same. I had K in the back and knew full well my husband would have been less than thrilled with my even considering getting out of the car to help a bunch of grown men move a car so I stayed put. One of these days I’ll pay for someone’s groceries or help move a car. In the meantime I’ll stick with putting away laundry, baking delicious desserts, and redirecting my daughter’s adventurous personality.


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