Answered prayers and a Whole Foods cake

For those of you fortunate enough to “be in the know” of my life you’ll be as thankful as I am that my ultrasound went well and I do, indeed, have an ovarian cyst. This is one of few times my hypochondriac crazy has been right and I fully intend to brag about it.  That being said, the doctor is fairly confident that it’ll go away after a few weeks but since most agree that it ruptured, or began leaking, on Friday, the concern is why my WBC count is high. Still waiting on those labs. You’d think ten days of Cipro and some other impossible to pronounce antibiotic from last month’s intestinal infection would have rid my body of any issues. I’ll just keep the prayers going and do what I can to prevent my noggin from going from “healthy” to “you’re gonna die in 12 hours, sorry buddy!”

Now that all the heavy, but encouraging, stuff’s out of the way we can begin today’s post that’s likely to be as epic as the last five or so.  I was up too late again last night. I have a good excuse, however. Our master bath is now over flowing with balloons and K is going to lose her marbles when she sees it. That little Stinky loves her some baloons. And baths. And anything she can throw. Birthday win count-1. Of course it’s raining so no park for her today. Ideally she wants to go run errands with her mama so we’ll chalk that up as birthday win #2.  Instilling my love of birthday’s and doing the little things to make the morning special will surely go unnoticed as she watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and eats a pancake with sprinkles and a happy face made of honey. Heck, I’m going to light a candle on the pancake-maybe that’ll entice her memory to remember that birthday’s are important. If the pancake breakfast wasn’t indicative of how our day is going I’m confident that telling you K will be picking out her own mini cake from Whole Foods tonight will throw you a curve ball- being in a quasi sugar coma at the end of the day is just part of the fun. I have to pat myself on the back a little bit, not because I’m taking a day off of actually baking and resorting(in my opinion) to having someone else make her cake, but because in all my worries about feeding her crap, I can rest assured that her crap tonight will be organic, which basically means “non-crappy.” Words of wisdom right there, yo.

Her family party is this weekend and I must toot my horn and say my decor rocks, and the cake/Oreo cake balls are sure to rock even more. My inner battle of impressing others with my culinary genius is at an all time high and, thankfully, my stress level is dissipating. It’s amazing what a somewhat clean bill of health can do for one’s mood. We have a ton of family coming and staying with us on Friday so Operation Don’t Let Anyone Know What Our House Really Looks Like-And It’s All Kerrigan’s Fault Anyay will surely ensue.

Anywho, K continues to sleep, I continue to be an insomniac in dire need of a latte and clean house. That, my friends, is my transition to the kitchen…not to clean it, but to make some espresso 🙂


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