Then there were two.

Today is the first day in what seems like forever that it has just been K and me in the house. Between having family at our house, staying with family, traveling, prepping for Christmas and our respective birthday’s (she turns two on the 9th), we’re in for some mild down time until the bustle of parties for the little one begin. I fully intend to start potty training mid- month after she gets her two year shots and her 6 month dental appointment. I anticipate she may hate me a little more then and rebel against using the potty as she genuinely hates both the doctor and needles. Can’t blame her, though.

The past several weeks have been wicked awesome, though. My parents totally hooked us up with a formal dining table and all the goodies for the top and brought a little Jayhawk spirit to our home via clothes and bows and scarves. I know Chris was jealous- when you see the pure joy that crimson and blue put on someone’s face you can’t help but be envious. He’d never admit it though. He’s a Texan through and through.

Chris’ younger brother got married this past Saturday and K was such a fabulous co-flower girl with her cousin. Though my little one didn’t drop a single flower, she did a great job smiling and running down the asile. As the wedding photographer I kept my emotions in check and survived my frist wedding in some time without crying like a small child. After an impromptu cabaret-style show of “The Macarena” for my new sister in law I’d say my title as “flippin’ awesome” was solidified.  We made the brilliant decision to drive back home after the reception. Fuled by Minuti and a small thumb wrestling challenge we made it home safely in record time. I think Chris was impressed by my bladder holding skills. Perhaps that’s divulging too much.

K still refuses to sleep through the night in her bed so we’ll be buying a “big girl” bed for her birthday in hopes that she won’t break her arm as she Houdini’s her way out of her crib. That girl is too tall to be a gymnast and likely has her mama’s lack of rhythm to be a dancer, but she is part monkey thus making her awesome. I think we’ll start being mean parents and carrying her back to her bed in the middle of the night once her birthday festivities are over and there’s no one sleeping on an air mattress in her room. She has become a fantastic co-sleeper, though. She allows me adequate space at the foot of the bed and for that I am thankful.

Quick update: It has been three days and I’m still not a Pinterest worthy mama. K did have grilled nuggets and applesauce for lunch yesterday but we ruined it with a lemon sponge-ette cake for my birthday and a cherry danish. The danish was from Whole Foods, though so I’m going to err on the side of ignorance and say the flour, sugar, and cherries were not only organic but packed the nutritional punch of fresh green beans and a stalk of celery…


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