… And I’m still younger than all my friends…

So…it’s my birthday. The “big” 2-6. Birthday’s are where it’s at, man. I’m all about the free lunches. lattes, and pastries various food places give me e-coupons to. I’m also all about the presents. And the sleeping in. And saying “It’s my birthday so you have to (fill in the blank).” Obviously I mean all of the above, however it’s not to be confused with snarkiness, selfishness, or a sense of entitlement. Birthday’s are a big deal to me, and frankly, I’m not entirely sure why.

Looking back on all the things over the past year that has caused me many a panic attack-gallbladder surgery, intestine infection, K’s intellictual growth, etc- I am so comforted by God’s hand in all of it. The manic emails requesting prayers and frantic phone calls to family of me being certain I was going to die this time are a large reminder of just how little I know about the Lord’s character. Obviously the man who endured the most horrific death on the cross should certainly have my best interest in mind. Heck, he saved me from an engagement to the man who was beyond not right for me and within days had Chris in my life again. Here we are four years later happier, stronger, and more in love than either of us thought was possible.

My birthday is a reminder of all the ways God has really come through for me. That sounds selfish…as if God changed His plans around to meet my needs. I’m so vain. The point is that if there’s something I desparately need by the time I’m 27 (or tomorrow, really) is to trust that the God of the universe actually knows what He’s doing. My ways are not his ways. Maybe I have cancer and don’t know it. I doubt it given all the blood work I make various doctors and hospitals do, but you never know. The more likely option is that I’m 26, perfectly healthy, and have a crazy lack of trust in God. Seems fitting.

I fully intend to be spoiled today. To not be a brat, but to take advantage of the fact that we’ll have shrimp for dinner (a luxury) and not feel bad for spending the money. I wrestle with spending money on myself most of the time. Anyone else?? Anyone? Bueller? Perhaps I’ll not feel bad today and trust that God has provided my family with noggins capable of making informed, educated financial decisions and if, by golly, I want shrimp pasta for dinner I’m going to have it. And with red wine. And perhaps dessert. So there.

This post is all over the place and for that I apologize. The condensed version (which I should probably move to the top but then I’d take your joy away from reading my wit and deep insight) is this: God loves me, God knows what’s up, God has blessed me in ways I’m sure I’ll only understand in Heaven, and today is a day of celebrating me and all the wonderfulness that is being Elizabeth. Go have a drink in my honor and perhaps even a pastry. I like toffee and lemon so if you want to be in full “celebrate Elizabeth” mode those two options are your best bet 🙂


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